Online tools to grow your business

Online tools to grow your business

Business means to develop many works that you never thought you should do. This is why many entrepreneurs use most of their time managing daily works that not allow them to focus on what really matters: sells and develop a good product or service.

I want to share with you a list of some tools we use in Rossscammm to automatize our daily works. Online tools that make your business life easier and will help you to grow your business faster.

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What is an online tool?

An online tool is a platform or app that you can find on the Internet. They help you to increase your business productivity. They will also give you more quality time for yourself.

Free online tools for your business

Website tools:

  • WordPress. We love WordPress because it is a very intuitive tool that allows you to design a web site fast. Besides it have a lot of plugins to add more functionalities to your web, and you don´t need experience programming. IMPORTANT: use always
  •  Yoast SEO. If you don´t know what means SEO, it helps your website to get the top of searching engines like Google and Yahoo. Yoast SEO makes your website easier to find analyzing every page of your website and giving you tips to improve them. A WordPress plugin is pretty easy to use. 
  • Tiny PNG.A website where you can reduce the size of your website images. It can decrease the size of the images even 70% y 80% without losing any quality. This will make your website faster and improve your SEO rank!

Social media tools:

  • Hootsuite. A platform that allows you to link your social media channels to the same place, organize your calendar, and post on every social network at once. Also, you can have as an APP to manage your social media channels from your mobile.
  • Canva. A website to design arts for your communication channels. I add it to the social media section because it will help you to create images for your post easily, it has a lot of templates that will inspire you to create an art in a few minutes. You can also use it to design banners, posters, visit cards, and everything you need even if you don´t have expertise in graphic design. Yes, it has an APP version too.

Database tools:

  • MailChimp. The best free database manager we know. This online tool lets you save all your subscribers’ contact information in one place and segment them by categories or tags. That allows you to personalize every email by interests, location… Besides, you can design your own newsletter templates, Schedule the emails, create forms for your website, and set up automatic replies. This program has an online version and also an APP.

Meeting tools:

  • Zoom. When Hangouts disappeared, we started using Zoom to have our calls, meetings, webinars, etc. Its free version allows having a meeting for a maximum of 45 minutes and up to 100 people on the same “meeting room”. If you use it to organize a webinar, you could record the session and viewers could “up their hand” to talk.  


  • Calendly. A fantastic tool to set up your meetings and calls. You just need to set up your free gaps on the calendar and send it to our client so they could save the gap that fits them better. Say goodbye to that infinite email chains to fit calendars.


Do you want more? Don´t worry because we created a wonderful downloadable list (using Canva) when you can find more online tools to love.

A secret: we created the form to download the list using Mailchimp, keep going to discover how it works.  

I hope the tools I talked about help you as they help us. We will love to receive your comments about the tools if you used them or tell us another tool you use that is not on the list. 

Of course, if you prefer to delegate, take a look at our services. We will love to help you. 

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