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What is a press kit or press book?

A press kit or press book is another term that is used during the promotion of an audiovisual project. But what is it and what is it for?

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A press kit is a series of files in a folder that is used to get to know deeper a project, in this case, we talk about your movie. The term “press kit” is used in the United States and Latin America (America), whereas in Spain and the United Kingdom (Europe) the term “press book” is the one used, both terms mean exactly the same.

These files are used to illustrate publications in the media and to complement the information of the film during the promotion, these should include data of the shooting, shooting site, a bio of the director, actors and other information that may be interesting to the general public, therefore, if you do not have this information, you are in danger of losing mentions in the media and exposure to your work and your movie.

When you have to share these files is during the promotion of the film, whether it is chosen to participate in a festival or when the film is commercially distributed.

But, what do the press kit or press book should have in order to be complete?

You can find the list below:

1. Poster in good resolution
2. Trailer with a good resolution for websites, in any case, the trailer is asked for TV, the resolution should be a lot higher
3. Production notes
4. Media release or bulletin
5. From 5 to 10 stills from the film in good resolution, 3MB tops
6. Dossier/brochure

As always say to filmmakers, it is better to have more than we need than to have little or missing something important for the promotion. This is why, when you are shooting you should take pictures, capture the best scenes and, get together all the fun facts you can. This helps enormously to the people who are working in promoting the movie afterward, this way the film distribution road is much easier.

What would you add to the list?

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