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Branding is all about which brand is at the top of your mind. For example, if we ask you to think of 5 brands that you remember, your brain will probably already have come up with some brands.

You want to make sure your brand is the first brand your potential customers think of. You want your brand to be remembered. But how do you create a memorable brand?

You do it with branding and a marketing strategy based around your brand. People will remember your brand, and this will be the result of all the analysis, design, and strategy you planned for your brand and business.


This package is created for those who want to rebrand or who are thinking about creating a brand but don’t know where to start and what to work with. We will create a beautiful brand, and at the same time, we will take care of all the technical aspects behind it.

We will help you to communicate that unique message that only you have.

What does this package include?

  • A brand audit.  How and where you can get better results with what you have already built.
  • Brand strategy. Logo, palette color, stylebook, we will design your logo and help you to choose your personal palette color that will shine on your website and all your marketing materials. We will give you a stylebook with all the different features of your brand.
  • Storytelling strategy. We learn from your story through some questions so we can put together your personal and your brand story together because one story is nothing without the other. Your story is like a puzzle and we help you to put the pieces together.
  • Website design. We will design a unique space on the internet for your brand – a website where you will share your work, your experience, and what you have to offer to the world. Your website will look great on mobile and electronic devices too. 100% responsive. 
  • E-commerce. We will install Woocommerce for you to receive online payments through PayPal or via credit card.
  • A second language for your website. We will add an extra language to your website.
  • Marketing strategy and action plan. We are going to find your target group, who is that audience that is going to buy from you. We are going to make a list of different marketing actions so you can execute them over a period of time. We are also going to explain to you the different parts that make a marketing plan complete and make it work.
  • Messaging and communication strategy. We are going to define what makes you different and special from everyone else. it can be your story, services, products, or even the way you work. We are going to put all these together in one message in order for it to reach your potential clients.
  • SEO strategy. We will share a document with you where you will find a plan on how to be found on the internet. We will make sure people can find you on the internet by choosing your unique keywords. We will shape your description. We will help you with long-tail keywords, and ideas for content creation.
  • Social media strategy. We will make sure your social media is connected and related to your brand. We will shape your messaging, put your content calendar in order, and help you to decide your content structure.
  • Reach your financial goals by doing what you love. This is a digital course where we teach you how to put yourself measurable goals and objectives, you will also learn how to do online networking on Linkedin.  This is the only way you can see Rosa’s Linkedin back end and how she does things herself.
  • Blog. We will help you to create a blog for your website. Here, you will be able to create specialized content for your community and increase your SEO.
  • Guidance on the choice of hosting and domain. The advice comes in the pack but the purchase of these should be done separately for better management from your side.
  • Email marketing. We create a database on an emailing platform where people who want to know more about you can subscribe to your newsletter. We will connect this database with a sign-up form on your website and a magnet lead to attracting people. We will teach you how to do it yourself once everything is set up.

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