Branding creation and design

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If I ask you, give me 5 brands you remember? I am sure you already thought in 3 or 4. This is the magic of branding, people will remember you or your brand and I am sure you want your brand or film to be remembered.

But, how do you do it?

You do it with a really good branding and marketing strategy around your brand. The final step would be people remembering your brand and it will the result of the analysis, design, and strategy.


We create your brand from the beginning and we help you to show that image you always wanted, we will help you to create a popular brand that can be remembered by your clients and people.

It can be a brand for a production company, a distribution company or any other company. Possibilities are infinitive.

What do we offer you in this package?

  • A brand audit, how and where you can get better results in what you have already built.
  • Creation and/or improvement of your brand. It depends on where your brand is we will start the transformation process in order to align all the elements of your brand.
  • Target definition, who is your main audience.
  • Social media. Creation and/or optimization of 3 social media profiles in social media for a month. We will improve, put together, and give you a full report at the end of this month for these social media profiles.
  • Logo. Creation of your brand logo.
  • Stylebook. We will help you to choose colors, the font and we will put it together in a document where you can look and share how you should use your logo, font, and colors. This is the soul of your brand.
  • Guidance on the choice of hosting and domain. The advice comes in the pack but the purchase of these should be done separately for better management from your side.
  • Website design, you can have all your work and experience hosted in only one place. We make the website ready, the content is on your own.
  • Design and images needed for the website, a professional graphic designer will be in charge of this task.
  • Copy. The best text on your web.
  • Creation of your professional blog. We will help you to create a blog, this will be on your website, you will be able to create specialized content for your community and increase your SEO.
  • Creation of an action plan. We will create and share with you a plan for your brand, a plan to follow up when our work is done.

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