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The dossier, a word we hear over and over again and in reality many times we do not know what this is or how to present it. Do not worry! we do it and we can even present it to you.

This document is super important, so important that on this depends your sales.


The dossier is essential when presenting and selling your project and/or film. At any stage you are in, this document will be part of your conversation almost every day. Therefore, it is important to have this document created and ready when people ask for it or you want to present it to potential producers and investors.

What do we offer you?

  • Creation of dossier. We tell you what this important document should be and we define with you the information to share. We structure it and you put the content.
  • Dossier design. Apart from the high-quality content, we want to draw the attention of whoever is reading it, that’s why we include a design that talks about the project and at the same time illustrate the information we have shared.

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