Basic Film Marketing Pack

1.000,00 Tax included

A film always needs a marketing campaign that way people will know that the film exists. Don’t worry! We can help you with this and we have made a special package where you will have the opportunity to show your project to a bigger audience on the Internet.

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This pack includes:

Marketing strategy design + release plan + 16 posts + paid ads

We will help you to get visibility for your film. We will create a marketing campaign where we will fulfill your necessities and your film.

What does it include?

  • Marketing strategy design. We will design a strategy accordingly to your objectives and the needs of your project this way we will get to the right audience with the right strategy.
  • Release plan. We will prepare a document where we will put the marketing strategy to work, here you will find the step by step we need to follow in order to get your project known.
  • 16 posts for paid ads. We will design and implement different posts for the digital marketing paid campaign.
  • A budget for ads. This package includes 250€ that will be invested in Google ads, Google search, Facebook ads or any other digital media where the project can gain visibility.

*When the package is on sale the budget for ads will decrease the same percentage of the discount.

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