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We often find our clients struggling when they need to think about their marketing plan. Most of the time they don’t have a plan at all! This makes it extremely difficult to follow through on objectives and goals. Because when a new idea or project comes to them and they want to put it out there how can this be possible without losing time and energy?

We can help you to align your business strategy and put in one place all your objectives and goals. We will create a plan for your brand to achieve what you expect and make it easy for you to stick to this plan for long enough to see results.


This marketing strategy and action plan will allow you to see your idea or project clearer. You will save tons of energy and you won’t waste your time making bad decisions because you didn’t know where to go next.

This process will help you to focus and understand your project better, to find ways of promoting it and follow your goals.

This product includes:

  •  A 30 min session where we talk about your idea or project.
  • An email with questions where you will share your idea or project for us and yourself to understand it better.
  • A 2.5-hour session where we are going define your marketing strategy, to find your target group, who is that audience that is going to buy from you. We are going to make a list of different marketing actions so you can execute them over a period of time. We are also going to explain to you the different parts that make a marketing plan complete and make it work.
  • Access to us the following month where you can ask questions and pivot new ideas if you have them.

This is a unique opportunity for you to understand how marketing works. We literally create this strategy/plan for you in the same way we create one for our films or clients. Every business, entrepreneur, or project is a story to share with the world.

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1 review for Marketing Strategy and Action Plan

  1. Emma Fernandez

    I got in touch with Rosa Camero because I wanted to give a new direction to my career from graphic design to film, but I did not how to. I knew I had skills useful to the film industry, but I did not have knowledge of the industry first hand and I just knew a single person working on film. With Rosa I was able to plan a strategy to get into the industry, she gave advice about how to get the most of my skills, not only those I already have but those I can see myself developing, in addition to introducing me to her network. With her coaching I was able to plan a strategy where I could channel my energy and efforts more effectively and productively. The ball has started to roll and today I have worked in the art department of 3 productions.

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