Negotiation course


Would you like to learn how to negotiate your film? This is for you. During this course, you will learn the process of negotiation and how to close deals with ease and grace without feeling dirty or desperate because you want to close the deal.

This course will bring money to the table yes or yes.

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1.5 hours of intense work with money where you will learn how to negotiate and how to ask money for yourself and your film.

Sometimes we prefer to give our work for free than ask for money because all it matters is our film getting produced or released somehow. In the end, you lose money and the rights of your film at the same time.


  • What is negotiation?
  • Step by step for a successful negotiation
  • Film distribution contract
  • Collaboration contract
  • Money mantras

Who is this course for?

This course has been created for you who have a feature film, and you are looking to finance your film or you are looking to sell your film that is already finished.


  • Access to this course for life
  • Access to our negotiation guide that is in our online store for free
  • Access to a film distribution contract
  • Access to a collaboration contract
  • A list of money mantras to remember why money is good


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