Negotiation guide for filmmakers


This guide has been created to help you to negotiate easily. To feel confident and know what you want when it comes to negotiation is a must, and here we’ll show you how to do it.

This guide shows you how to get a distribution contract. However, the process and steps we share are the same ones you need to follow whatever stage of production your movie is at. You can use this guide even if you’re looking for a co-producer, a sales agent, distributors or even collaborators

An e-book that guides you through the negotiation process, showing you every phase and steps for successful negotiation in the film industry.

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The film industry is all about negotiation. If you’re looking for investors, you have to negotiate; if you’re looking for a co-producer, you have to negotiate; if you want to hire X actor for your movie, you’ll need to negotiate; and so on for the film’s entire life cycle. 

During our time as distributors, in the beginning we experienced plenty of self-doubt and felt self-conscious when it came to negotiating. This was largely due to not having any guides nor negotiation knowledge. Many filmmakers don’t take the step to sell their projects, and ask other people to do it for them. But what  happens when you can’t find other people to sell your project for you? You’ll have to do it yourself. 

That’s why we have created this guide – based on real projects and case studies – to make the negotiation process easier for you. We share valuable tips to help you negotiate successfully. It might seem like a hard process now, but by following our step-by-step method, you’ll not have any problems. You only need practice.

Some more steps we recommend for you: 

  1. Join our Negotiation Course for Filmmakers
  2. Read the whole guide and print it out if you like 
  3. Highlight everything you find interesting and write down all your ideas and questions to read over later 
  4. Keep this guide at hand for whenever you need to negotiate

Go forth to success!


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