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You need to promote your film and for this, you need a poster, a trailer, and a datasheet. These materials are a must for your promotional and marketing campaign. These aren’t an option.

Imagine, first people find your poster they like it and they want to know more about the film so they look for a trailer, then the see the trailer and they are reailly interested and they look for more information about the film, they look for the film datasheet. This is a web, one thing gets to the other. What happens if you don’t have any?

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When selling a film or promoting it you need at least these 3 marketing tools and we can help you to have them. It will be designed by a professional who will turn your promotional material the greatest of all.

I am sure you are wondering if do you really need a trailer, a poster, and datasheet? Yes, you do need it. This is the way people will find your film.

This amazing package will help to save money but also have the best promotional material.


  • A session with rossscammm team to understand what you want.
  • Poster design. We will work on your film poster where it will speak directly to its audience.
  • Datasheet design. Film festivals, distributors, and exhibitors always ask for technical details and it is much better to send something aligned with your promotional material.
  • Trailer edition and design. We will make sure your trailer sell your film.

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