Personal branding package

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As a filmmaker, director, producer, artist, creative or any kind of people who is a professional who wants to create stories and give them life should be able to have a space to share all his/her work.

Personal branding these days is the hallmark of any of your work. The influence on the internet you can have can be part of a positive impact when looking for new projects, work or promoting what you are doing.

But hey! don’t worry! we will show you how to get the best of your digital branding, we have this package where we will take care of your personal brand and sow you how to do it.


We can help you to create your personal brand from the beginning, we accompany you on the way so that you can develop the digital part of yourself, we will match what you want to communicate with your work and your personal life.

We will help you to communicate that unique message that only you have.

What do we offer you in this package?

  • 1 session – a brand audit. How and where you can get better results in what you have already built.
  • 1 session – target definition. who is your main audience? Where to look for them and how to find them.
  • 1 session –  social media. A strategy for your social media and how you can share all your experience and work in it. The first month we will do it for you. Up to 3 social media profiles.
  • Guidance on the choice of hosting and domain. The advice comes in the pack but the purchase of these should be done separately for better management from your side.
  • We built your website. You can have all your work and experience hosted in only one place. We make the website ready, the content is on your own.
  • Creation of your personal/professional blog. Here you can share your experiences, projects, jobs, personal things, etc. We will create it for you, you just have to give it life.
  • 1 session – WordPress.  We will show you how to move around your new website and your blog.
  • 1 session – content creation. We will create together a plan with ideas of content for those days you feel blank.
  • 1 session – LinkedIn strategy. We will help you to build your professional profile, this is where you will find clients and projects where you can work and share your talent with the world.
  • 1 session – Pricing. We will help you to find the right price for your product or service, a good price that feels great when you say it.
  • 1 session – Negotiation. We will teach you how to negotiate, to feel comfortable with numbers and when you are talking to people in a suit.
  • For 200€ extra you will have a marketing strategy and an action plan. Where Rossscammm team will help you to create an action plan for your personal brand in order for you to follow your goals, objectives, and dreams.

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