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A poster is an essential piece of promotion that you can’t leave behind. You need to have it from the beginning because potential buyers, exhibitors, and film distributors will ask for it and you can’t say you don’t have it.

This is your opportunity to have a badass poster designed by an expert.

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When you start promoting your film there are some things you can’t forget and one of these things is the poster. This will be the first approach to your audience, and you want them to see your film, right? We can help you to have an amazing poster that people won’t forget.

This package includes:

  • A session with the Rossscammm team where you can talk about different ideas and brainstorm the design and essence of the film.
  • Poster design. We will make sure your poster displays your story and attracts people to want to know more about your film.

Don’t let your film get lost in the pack!


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