Professional Branding Package


Branding is a hot topic these days. This is the way people remember you online and offline. The influence you can have on the internet can be part of a positive impact when seeking new projects, work or promoting your business.

We will show you how to get the best out of your digital branding. This professional branding package will take care of your branding and show you how to use it for maximum impact.


Whit the professional branding package, we will help you to create a unique and memorable brand to use on the internet. This is super important because people are more likely to buy products or services from a recognized brand that they remember.

We have created this package for you to showcase the best of your work and look professional about it. This package is a full strategy for your brand to get to the next level and look like the people at the top of your industry.

We will help you to communicate that unique message that only you have.

What do we offer you in this package?

  • Brand strategy. Logo, palette colour, stylebook, we will design your logo and help you to choose your personal palette colour that will shine on your website and all your marketing materials. We will give you a stylebook with all the different features of your brand.
  • Storytelling strategy. We learn from your story through some questions so we can put together your personal and your brand story together because one story is nothing without the other. Your story is like a puzzle and we help you to put the pieces together.
  • Social media strategy. We will make sure your social media is connected and related to your brand. We will shape your messaging, put your content calendar in order, and help you to decide your content structure.
  • SEO strategy. We will share with you our expertise in making sure people can find you on the internet. We will choose your unique keywords, shape your description, help you with long-tail keywords, and generate ideas for content creation.
  • Website design. We will design a unique space on the internet for your brand – a website where you will share your work, your experience, and what you have to offer to the world. Your website will look great on mobile and electronic devices too. 100% responsive. 
  • Blog. We will set up a blog for you so you will be a reference in the industry, more visits and grow your rank on Google.

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