Public Relations and communication strategy

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You have an amazing message you want to share with the world, you would like to be mention in media and boost your business and career, you want people to find you easily and you know having mentions in traditional media can be a good way of being known.

This is possible and we will tell you how to do it with our public relations and communication strategy


We will help you to find the right media to highlight your work. We will build a strategy for you and tell you how to approach the important people from these media outlets. Plus we will help you to build a database of different media, influencers, associations, Youtubers, bloggers, and other people who you could collaborate with and your content could be interesting for them.

Sometimes these people are just one email or message away from us.

What does include this strategy?

  • Brand audit message and content. We will check your brand messaging to find out which media could be interested in publishing you. Your content is not for all media, you need to find out your niche.
  • Strategy session. We will put together your PR strategy, we will find the traditional media plus we will also find what kind of influencers, bloggers, and Youtubers can be interesting to work with. We will shape a personalized message for you that way you feel confident when you are approaching these people. This session will last around 1.5 hours.

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