Sales and Online Networking Strategy


This strategy includes how to connect with potential customers, which messages you should send, how to approach new clients, and how to close a call with these potential clients.

Your potential clients are out there, you just need to contact them. They are one click or a message away. You just need to dare to contact them.

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We will create a strategy for your business and yourself to go out there and sell your services/products. We will share with you tips and tricks on how to contact people without being pushy and make other people uncomfortable. We believe “cold calls” are outdated, investing our efforts instead in the power of social media to get to those potential clients.

What does this strategy include?

  • LinkedIn or other networking channels audit. We will check your LinkedIn profile or other channels you use to approach potential clients to understand the message you are communicating with your contacts. Before you approach people, you need to make sure your profile is professional and real.
  • Strategy session. We will put together a strategy for you where we will go through your networking channels. This includes your social media such as Facebook or Instagram. We will see where your customers are coming from and which channels you should explore more. We also include templates of messages for you to connect with people and how to close calls with your potential clients. These sessions last around 1.5 hours.

We will help you to find the right people on the internet – either to contact new people for your projects or to find new clients. We will shape your sales funnels and find where the right people to work with you are.

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