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An SEO strategy is what you need if you want to increase your position in search engines aka Google search. When you type something in Google or any other search engine, they show you what it’s relevant for their algorithm so you have to make sure your brand is suitable for these algorithms to start picking up your content and showing it to people.


This SEO strategy will be made just for your brand, a personalized strategy where we will make sure to put all the important information to increase your SEO and you get a better position in search engines.

What does this strategy include?

  • Analysis of your digital channels we will check your SEO rank before this strategy, where your website is, which position the brand is, which channels are first, where your social media is, metrics, content, long tail keywords, trends, etc.
  • A word document where we will share with you the best keywords, we will work in your short description, long description, long tail keywords, suggestions for content creation for your blog, tools for your use, link building options, and more.

This is the process that search engines use with their algorithms and find relevant content, the more you mention your keywords and long tails will be better for your positioning but it has to be in a way algorithms think you are offering something great and unique for your users.

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