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The dossier, or slide deck, can help slide your project or pitch across the sales line. Often people are not sure exactly what a slide deck is, are confused about exactly what to include in it, or don’t know how best to present it. Do not worry! We design slide decks and can even personalize one for you to present.

This document is super important. The success of your sales depends on it.


Your slide deck is essential for presenting and selling your business, film or project. Whatever stage you are at, this document will become an everyday part of your conversations. Therefore, it is important to have this document created and ready to deliver to people when they ask for it, or for when you want to present it to potential producers and investors.

What do we offer you?

  • Creation of slide deck. We share with you what this important document should contain and we define exactly what information you need to share. We provide the structure for you to fit your content.
  • Slide deck design. It’s not just about having high-quality content. It’s equally important to engage the attention of whoever is reading it. That’s why our design includes important information about the project while simultaneously providing a visual illustration to complement the information we have shared.

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