Social Media Strategy


A strategy that enables you to put all of your social media content in one place. You will be able to structure and share valuable content that brings ROI to your business.

Often when we are creating content for our social media, we get blank and don’t know what to share. This strategy is created exactly for these kinds of roadblocks, because you will have a clear structure in place – making it easier for your brain to create new posts.


A strategy where we will not only help you structure all your social media content, we will also help you to understand what you are doing in social media. It’s not about posting and sharing – it’s about being present with the correct content that is related to your business and work.

Your social media has to reflect a ROI for your business.

What does this strategy include?

  • Social media audit. We will check all your social media profiles so we can understand what you are doing at the moment.
  • Content structure. A session where we will structure the type of content you are sharing in social media. Topics, days when you will be sharing content, categories, etc.
  • Social media calendar. We will share with you a template where you will be able to put all your content in one place. The idea is that you have this document with your monthly content, and you will copy/paste across platforms.

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