Reach your financial goals by doing what you love


Do you need to find opportunities but don’t know where to start? This online class will help you to create a strategy for yourself and your projects. There is a formula you need to follow. This strategy will make your project bigger and you will connect with more people related to your industry. Here we will share our secrets to successful networking and how to get to know the right people to reach our goals.

This online class is designed for you to take control of the outcomes of your projects by following a proper strategy. It is particularly useful for people who want to excel, who feel that they are stuck or who are tired of getting the same answers again and again.

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  • Sales and networking template for you to create your own 2020 strategy
  • An online class where you will follow step by step instructions on how to fill in the template
  • An Excel spreadsheet to set up your goals
  • Follow up from Rossscammm after 2 months to see how your strategy is going
  • Email support

 What you will get: 

  • An analysis of your sales channels
  • How to improve your LinkedIn profile
  • Some examples of the messages you should send to your network 
  • Sales/goals funnels

This template will show you the steps you should follow to connect with those people who really will help you to grow your project and career. We will show you the process that we use at Rossscammm to get to know potential clients and increase our sales.

A template that will help you to get more contacts that actually will help you, more clients, more meetings, opportunities, and the visibility you are looking for. 

You can also take a look at our personalized service, where we help you to build your strategy one to one here Sales and online networking strategy

With this product we give you the theoretical part but we are also going to help you to put into practice what you learn. When you buy this product you have direct access to our #Linkedinrossscammmchallenge where during 30 days we are going to be very active on Linkedin where you are going to create content and connect with the correct people. 

When? From September 15th. to October 15th. 

Where? We are going to have a private Facebook group where we will have all the interaction 

What are you going to accomplish? A better Linkedin profile, new contacts, engagement, and interaction, and more potential projects, clients, and money.   

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