Template – Public Relations and communication strategy

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You have an amazing product, service, film, you name it but people don’t know that it exists then you need a PR and communication strategy.

The best way you can grow your audience and visibility online and offline is to be highlighted in media outlets and you can make that happen with this simple template we are sharing with you.


Public relations agencies are really expensive as they help you to get the media around you but they are not the only option to get that noise around your brand. You can do it yourself with this template we share with you.

This is the exact steps we use to get in touch with media and this is how we have been highlighted in very important media in Spain and Mexico plus some international media.


  • How to do a media database.
  • Building your PR strategy.
  • Instructions on how to approach media.

We include examples for each one of the steps mention in this strategy that way is easier for you to follow.

We can help you to build your PR strategy if you prefer more personalized service. You can click here: Public Relations and communication strategy

Do you have questions? Write us an email to hello@rossscammm.com


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