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An SEO strategy will help your brand to have a better ranking in Google, it’s not only to have a website and social media but you need help algorithms to find you.

This document is a must for your branding strategy if you are looking for new customers, new projects and get the visibility you need for growing your business.


If you have a website you should definitely think about your SEO strategy as this is the way people will find you easily on the internet.

This template walks you through the process of having a great SEO.  This is a document that guides you steps by step of the things you need to have for a good SEO and good ranking on Google and search engines.


  • Keywords
  • Short and long description
  • Long tail keywords
  • Examples of content creation
  • Tools to increase your SEO
  • and more…

If you prefer to have a more personalized service and you would like to be taken step by step by us, we have an SEO strategy service

Would you like to know more, send us an email to hello@rossscammm.com


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