Visibility mastermind group for women in the film industry


Mastermind groups are designed for people who are thirsty for change, they want to rule their lives, and they want to be on the top. Perhaps they feel stuck, or they are tired of receiving the same answers from people around them.

People who want to join must be positive, proactive, open to feedback, opened to think out of the box, opened to share, and make things happen.

Most probably, your life will change after this mastermind group and the way you are doing things at the moment in your professional life. Get ready to change your life and reach the next level.

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The WFI mastermind group includes: 

  • Weekly calls for 12 weeks
  • A goal strategy that Rosa will help you to create
  • Follow up every week with your main goal and objectives
  • A support group where everyone is connected, and you can send messages to the group for help, for wins or relieves
  • Different points of view and advice from your mastermind peers

 The program lasts 12 weeks, and it will start in the first week of January.

 Topics we will treat during those weeks: 

  • How to keep going even when we are afraid
  • Personal branding
  • Networking, how to get the best out of it
  • Online presence, how others see us 
  • Promoting ourselves
  • Reaching the right people
  • And, more


  • A personalized goal strategy with Rosa where we will list together with the goals you have
  • Access to Rossscammm team for technical support via email or Zoom conference
  • Exercises sheet for every session and a summary of the day’s topic
  • A support group where you can connect with other participants
  • An individual call at the end of the mastermind group to wrap up the mastermind group and actually see your improvement during the program

Date: January to April 2020 – 12 weeks

Place: Your comfy place -We will be using Zoom to have our meetings


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