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Promotion for film distribution

When we talk about promotions at the movies, we just imagined buying 1 popcorn and get 1 for free or the package with popcorn, hot-dog, and soda, these are promotions too but we are not going to talk about this in this post.

When we say promotions within film distribution, we refer to a brand that participates as an ambassador (so to speak) of a film, most of the time these deals are based on exchange, as the brands that we work with are recognized and have the resources to make such exchanges. You can do exchanges of all kinds and the key for this is negotiating and the two parts are satisfied. This is part of the strategy of launching the film, as this adds more people to getting to know the film.

Alice with hot topic store 2
Alice Through the Looking Glass art in Hot Topic on the side of the store

Movies with a large budget, better known as blockbusters films, come from a large studio with a list of potential promotional partners, some brands have closed deals internationally already and sometimes you have to convince country by country to participate. For independent films (small movies) there is not a list of promotional partners already made but there is the possibility of having these same deals with brands, just you have to knock on some doors to make this a reality.

Promotions vary in size and importance, there may be small promotions where you exchange tickets for the premiere and the brand sends and email to their database with movie information or the brand can mention the film in their social media. Everything depends on the agreement they reached.

Alice with hot topic store 1
The Hot Topic Store had 3 doors and every single of them was with images of the movie

As an example, I share something very interesting about one of the many promotions Alice Through the Looking Glass, which incidentally, is advertising worldwide, one of the most publicized films in my opinion. On my trip to Los Angeles last week I saw that Hot Topic stores were branded with the film arts. I’m pretty sure there was a negotiation to let put these images in stores, this could be an example of promotion or could be a license.

Alice with hot topic store
This is the front part of the store and this is the biggest art at the store. It’s very important always to put the date of the release

We will talk later about licenses, which is also a world of negotiation and is very common to find them for very large films like sagas and blockbusters.

If you want to know more about promotions and know what kind of partners may be interested in your movie, you can write to RosssCammm Films Distribution Consultancy

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