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Release plan for your film

The release plan of a film is crucial, this exists to promote your work if you do not have it or you have not worked on it, it is time to get back to work because this will be the one document that will tell you the steps you need to follow to have a successful release.

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What is a release plan?

The release plan is a document or a checklist of things/ideas that you want to do for the release of your project, it could be a release in movie theatres, an online release, a festival or an event, etc.

This is where you need to plan what you are going to do to make your project known. This is not only to think about ideas, it also means writing the ideas down and seeing how much time each idea needs but do not worry! this document has the task of clarifying your doubts and giving you an idea of the needs and time that each activity takes to do so.

How do you do a release plan?

Very simple! in a blank document, a word or its equivalent, you will write a list of ideas and things that will help you promote and publicize your project.

  1. First, you need to do a list of ideas if you want you can do a brainstorm with your colleagues, team, and friends.
  2. When you have the list of the final ideas, you will start your release plan, the first stage will be with the things that take a longer time to do them.
  3. Divide your release plan into stages, at RosssCammm Films we divide it into weeks.
  4. You must choose for how long you will promote your project, it can be for 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 months even you can choose a longer time. This depends on you, your budget and your team.
  5. You must write down the activities that don’t cost money, like social media, and also you must write down the ones that cost money, such as Facebook ads or other media.
  6. You should read your release plan every day if you can that way you won’t forget anything.
  7. Share, share and share!

Below I share with you an example of what we do at RosssCammm Films, you can see how we have divided the release plan in 4 weeks and we have put a step by step for the things that have to be done.

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release plan

This release plan comes together with a marketing plan, you don’t know what is this? you can click on the link Marketing Plan for your Movie where you can see that these two documents are together but at the same time, they are different.

I have to tell you that, when you finish your film or you are even in the production stage and you want your film to be known and have a community that is interested in the project, you must know these two documents, this way you will know which stage your project is when you want to start promoting it and which actions you should do in order to have more awareness. The closer the release is the stronger the campaign has to be.

It is like giving small bites to your community to create awareness and expectation and then you should be doing more actions that leave more and more people in suspense to such an extent that they can not wait to see the film wherever place or platform it is going to be released.

Is not it clear to you how to make a release plan? or you just do not have the time to do it? Don’t worry! we can help you to give it that personalized touch that only you and your project have.

Do you have any doubts? Leave a comment below, we want to see your project succeed!

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