ROMA from an acclaimed film to the most expensive campaign to win an Oscar

Roma a campaign to win an oscar

I haven’t had the chance to write about ROMA, that by the way, I am so proud of being a Mexican and this beautiful film is running for 10 Oscars this year. A film that reflects the way Mexican society works and how the helpers and nannies area great part of our lives.

But did we think ROMA was going to get where it’s now? I didn’t think so, I thought, It was another acclaimed film by the press but after a few festivals and reviews will make it to the platforms or whatever was the destiny for ROMA and that’s it. I didn’t take into the account that Netflix was behind it and they actually are putting everything out there in order for ROMA to get what they want.  They want an Oscar and I guess if they win they want to prove to everyone who is against them, wrong.

Running for an Oscar

This is not about having a great film, not anymore, this is about who is the best and Netflix wants to prove this is them.

As soon the award season started, Netflix hired one of the best marketing strategists in USA, Lisa Taback. Netflix and Lisa’s team have enchanted press with expensive gifts and even ROMA posters signed by Alfonso Cuaron himself. You can see ROMA everywhere in LA and the cast goes from here to there if that is necessary, Fast Company mentions that if they find out that someone important is coming to town they just make sure to introduce them to the cast.

Some media like Fast Company, Indie Wire and others mention that this campaign is the most expensive of all since The Social Network, which people have said it costed more than 25 million dollars.

Another interesting point mentioned in Fast Company was that Netflix also works with a budget but if someone has a major and great idea they say “Just send us the invoice”. Netflix knows how to spend money and I guess they know wisely why and how. For what I can see they are focusing where everyone else is not and this is marketing for their films and their company. 

ROMA in the Oscars

ROMA has obtained 10 nominations for the Oscar 

  • Best Motion Picture
  • Best Actress
  • Best Supporting Actress
  • Best Film Director
  • Best Foreign Film
  • Best Original Script
  • Best Photography
  • Best Sound
  • Best Production Designer
  • Best Sound Edition

Yalitza Aparicio

From one moment to another she appeared in our lives, she was a normal girl who was studying to become a teacher, now she is the major star of the season. Besides not having any experience as an actress nor as a celebrity she has behaved like one.

She is also an invention of marketing and her strong personality and her dreams of becoming something bigger have matched in this equation. Alfonso Cuaron has discovered a star where no one thought of looking for one.

Yalitza has performed amazingly in the film and outside in real life, she has become a brand, a beginning for others to dare to dream big and I hope she stays in the industry for a long time.

Would you like to work in your personal brand? You can start working on it right away, you don’t need to wait until a big opportunity comes, you create your own destiny and working in your personal brand is one of them. You can find those opportunies as Yalitza did with ROMA anywhere.

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