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Sell your film in 6 steps

Producing a film is already complicated, it’s a long and tedious process but selling your film is another thing, this might be the start or the end of your film or series. 

This is why I want to share with you the process of selling a film, this is great if you have a feature film or a series. 

As you know the film industry is very traditional, and there are certain things that need to be done in a certain way, if you don’t follow the rules your effort will be in vain. This applies as well to film distribution. 

Little by little, new business models have been created, giving the opportunity to filmmakers to showcase their work but you also need to keep working with the people left in the traditional side of the business. 

But in this article, we share some tips with you so you can negotiate and feel like a PRO when selling your film.

How to sell your film in 6 steps

1. Prepare your promotional materials, you need to make sure they are high-quality materials as this is your presentation card to show your content and this is how possible buyers choose whether to watch a film or not. 

2. Create a database of sales agents and film distributors who might be interested in the kind of content you have. Film people are very special with the content they manage.

3. Prepare your pitch for emails, for meetings, for possible buyers. 

4. Attend the international film markets but this is not only going there but you need to make sure you have scheduled a meeting after meeting to offer your content. These film markets grant you access to their database of attendees. 

5. Negotiate your film like a PRO. You must have your prices, percentages, cuts, MG (minimum guarantee), different platforms, and different ways to sell your content really clear.

6. Close the deal. 

If these potential buyers don’t see you are prepared they won’t buy from you, they need to trust you and they want to make sure you can handle it and your product is the best. 

These people talk business and money, they want to see an ROI from the investment they make. How are you going to make sure you can give them what they want? Why do they need you and your content instead of others? 

We want to help you and that’s why we have created the Film DIstribution online course where we teach you all the concepts that you don’t learn anywhere else but they are essential to close a deal with distributors and sales agents. 

Now, it’s your turn to go out there and sell your content. Happy hunting!

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