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  • You want to improve your digital presence
  • You want to be found easily on the internet so you can generate more business
  • You want to have active social media profiles
  • You want to generate more money through marketing
  • You want to build a community that is interested in what you do 

Don’t worry, we got you!

you have...

an audiovisual project

get my project visible

Would you like to know how others see you when they find you on the internet?

our process

Our film industry background informs our approach. This is the reason our main focus is on stories, and our marketing process starts with getting to know the story behind the project we are going to help.

You have a story to share with the world.

  1. Knowing your story
  2. Creating the brand
  3. Implementing strategies
  4. Communicating
  5. Continuing together

People connect with people! They want to get to know the person or people behind the brand, business, or film.

2 ways of working together

Theory and strategy

We teach you the theory and know-how for you to create your own marketing plan through our online courses and strategy sessions. You are in charge of implementing the steps at your own pace.

  • Marketing strategy and action plan. We find your target and put together solid marketing actions for you to follow. You will have a timetable to execute all the things you learn during this session.
  • Story/Messaging strategy. Get to know your story and what makes you stronger and sellable.
  • Social media and content strategy. If you struggle to write content for social media, this strategy is for you. We put together a plan for you to post content on social media, without having to spend lots of time and energy on it.

These 3 strategies work better together in a package!

IMPORTANT: These strategies don’t include implementation/execution

Films Distribution course in 4 bites

strategy and execution

Do you like the feeling of being accompanied, and prefer to have an expert on your side when creating something new? Perhaps your time is limited, and you prefer someone to take care of your marketing for you. Then this is the perfect service for you.

We create your brand and design your brand’s website. We work on your strategy and keep taking care of your brand so it can become number one in the top of mind of your target.

You can choose between 3 different branding packages

  • Branding all-inclusive This is ideal if you want to build a systematised online brand that is looking to be an online business or having passive income in the future.
  • Professional branding. This is for you who want to work in the strategy behind the business and it’s reflected in your brand, website and social media.
  • Basic branding. This is the basic you need to have so your brand can be found on the internet.

This is on a monthly retainer fee 

There are different ways to continue growing your brand and attract more people to your products or services. We can help you to achieve this. 

  • SEO maintenance. We execute your SEO strategy by optimizing your website and content to make sure you list higher on Google rankings, and stay there.
  • Website maintenance. We make sure your website is up to date every month.
  • Social media management. We create social media content and execute your social media strategy.
  • Email marketing. We create a strategy to keep up a great level of communication with your database. 
  • Paid campaigns. Facebook, Instagram, Google Display, Google Ads, Google search, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter. You have the story, we have the tools to make it known.
  • Film production. Video marketing strategy and branded content to change the world.

Plus, we keep updating your different strategies because what makes a business successful is the strategy behind it. 

do you need help to choose an option?

do you want to change the world and create an impact?

We have something special for you!

Imagine that it is your message and mission changing the world and transforming lives. This is possible! Yes! We create the film and marketing strategy, you just enjoy the ride and connect with your audience. A branded content film that resonates with your audience to create a meaningful impact.

Branded content to change the world


Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects.

What others say about us?

If you want to know more about the juicy packages we already have,  then head directly to our e-commerce and see if we have something interesting for you.

What others say about us?

Xudit CasasFilm director
Read More
I am extremely demanding and a perfectionist, having said that, suffice it to say that I work with the RosssCammm team when I can, because they know how to take care and that most people do not. I hope we continue to improve and grow together as professionals for longer. Thank you for your work!
Martín RoseteFilm director - Money
Read More
I worked with Rossscammm on the theatrical district of my movie MONEY and we were delighted with his work. They delivered on everything they promised us, and we were delighted with the campaign and the impact the film had.
Lynette CarvethOpera singer
Read More
Rossscammm did a fantastic job with my webpage and branding. They took the time to get to know me and were able to produce a unique and more personalised result. They are great at keeping all their clients connected through on going activities online and presential.
Luis MurilloScript writter
Read More
I am very happy with the design that they made in Rossscammm of my series dossier. I highly recommend them because they will help your projects to have a higher level and to increase their sales potential.
Jorgen Lauritsen Composer
Read More
I can highly recommend RosssCammm films & Marketing, you have done an outstanding job on design of my new website. I desperately needed a modern version and RosssCammm knows exactly how do to do the job. Communication and workflow in the design process was flawless and fast, the tech setup has worked from first version. And I also learned some tricks about how to bring my music forward through the internet, check it out at jorgenlauritsen.dk. My deepest thanks to Rosa and Victoria, I wish you both the best and look forward to following your endeavours in marketing, website designs and all the other services your company offers.
Delia GuerraMoviBeta
Read More
They have helped me a lot to develop the new interface, as well as to update our presence in networks.
Carla FarellCorazón Films
Read More
My experience working with Rosa has been very pleasant, she is committed to the things she have to do, doors are never closed for her, it is very difficult to find people with initiative, compromise and passion for their work, she does. Rosa is a person that you can really enjoy working with.
Hema KathiresanIDC films a company associated with Lionsgate Studios and Summit Entertainment
Read More
I have worked closely with Rosa on the marketing, publicity and promotional campaigns in Mexico for our movies (including the Twilight franchise, The Divergent Series, Abduction, RED, The Impossible – to name a few). Not only is she a pleasure to work with, she is also extremely motivated, a great communicator (in both Spanish and English!), able to work well with deadlines, a problem-solver and a passionate fan of movies. She’s a true professional who you’d be lucky to work with!
Barbara IturbeParamount Pictures México
Read More
Rosa is a committed and passionate person. She loves challenges and find the best way to deal with them, her frankness helps people around her to keep going forward with the projects. Working with her was a pleasure, as she is very relaxed despite the tension she could find her way on a daily basis.

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