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Social selling strategy

Social selling strategy, what is this? this is the way you make yourself known on social media, the way you sell yourself and find new subscribers for your mailing list, people who are interested in knowing more about what you have to say.

We hear all the time about having a strategy, a marketing strategy, a sales strategy, a social media strategy and so on but today we are going to talk about 🔺 social selling🔻 strategy.

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How do you sell yourself?

We all need to sell ourselves, it doesn’t matter if you are a student, a professional, you work for a company or you work for yourself. We need clients or we need a job that pays our bills and in order to get that money or salary you need to negotiate but negotiation comes until the end so how we are going to make those people notice me? This is when you apply the social selling.

Social selling is the term used when selling yourself on social media, yes all the things you post on your social media is heard so make sure this information is good because you won’t be able to erase it. Also, this way is easier to find new leads and clients as people reach for you and your content.

This time, it is me who is going to change her social selling strategy.

A few months back I started to be super active on LinkedIn and it has worked really well, in the beginning, I was afraid of posting but when I started to do it again an again the fear went away (practice), all this was in Spanish because I feel more comfortable with this language but these days I have decided to post only in English.

Why? This is where my social selling strategy begins ⏬⏬

🔊 I live in a country where more than 90% of the population speaks English even though I can’t wait to communicate in Danish (working on that).
🔊 I want to work with Hollywood films and this the way I will make myself notice more.
🔊 I want to work with international films and entrepreneurs and English is the best way for communicating.
🔊 English is the universal language.

From now on, I will post on my social media in English and once in a while in Spanish, I can’t just put aside my mother tongue.

So, let me know your strategy, do you have one? what do you want to communicate with it? What do you want to achieve? Write your comments below.

Do you want to work in your social selling strategy? I can help you.

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