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Special events for your movie

Special events are a must when a movie is about to release, no matter how low is the budget. This  should be listed in your marketing action plan. If there is no way your budget can make it, then you have to try it through exchanges, you will be surprised how many brands or establishments want to work with you.


This week I write about this subject because last week I was fortunate to have gone to a masterclass (I do not know why it is called like that?, it was a session of questions and answers) with the director, actress, writer Julie Delpy, who is best known for his role in Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and Before Midnight.
A great lady, who left us a little of her experience with every word she shared with us. She is super positive and her words were “never give up”.

Julie Delpy masterclass
But hey! why would be a masterclass with Julie Delpy? Because Golem Distribution has the movie Lolo releasing this summer in Spain where Julie Delpy is the director and main actress, a comedy where you will laugh, right now in movie theatres (you see! and ad)

Julie Delpy masterclass 2

Special events

I would not be talking about this movie, if I had not attended the event I would not have known the film, I knew about it until I saw the trailer that afternoon and they talked about it. But what did the organizers get? They achieved that many as myself knew about the movie, they added free advertisement and accumulate more box office.

Special events are to publicize your movie or your brand, people will know you with this kind of activities and they will start to recognize your work.This works great for when you have the premiere of a movie about the week of release or prior to this , you can organize a couple of special events for people to know more about your film. Among your guests always you have to invite press and general public.

This works great when you have a movie release close so you can organize these in the same week of the release or a week earlier, you can manage a couple of special events in order to people to acknowledge your film. Among your guests always invite press and general public.

As I said earlier if there is not any budget, you can always do exchanges. How is this work?, this works when you talk to brands, local bars, shops or whatever you think it can work with for the movie. These events are always a win-win for the parties involved because benefits are obtained such as: advertising and money.

Julie Delpy masterclass 1

For now, Golem got me to write about their movie and certainly when you read this, you will click the link to the movie or you want to know more about it.

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