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Take storytelling lessons with Pixar

Storytelling is on demand, especially in the world of entrepreneurs, designers, and marketing. In my point of view, I haven’t stopped hearing this word lately.

But where does the word storytelling comes from? humans from the beginning of our race have always found a way of communicating through stories. That’s why the word is a mix and match of story + tell, these together are meant to say “to tell a story”.

According to the psychologist Melanie Green, who specializes in studying the impact of different types of narratives on our day-to-day beliefs and attitudes, stories are “the fundamental components of human memory, knowledge, and social communication … When it comes to interacting through language, our knowledge is contained in stories and mechanisms to build or retrieve them”.

It is a way that humans have in order to keep remembering the memories, whether they are everyday, social or historical stories.

Here is when we mention the storytelling of the cinema because before this word was used here or there, the cinema and its creators already told and made stories. For many decades we have been delighted with so many fiction or real-life stories on the big screen, which on this occasion we can see how is taken to the big screen.

Pixar in collaboration with Khan Academy have launched a very interesting course of storytelling, the best is that anyone can take it and share it with friends, a course that apart from sharing their stories, shows the behind the scenes of what they have done in their movies.

Lessons that talks a lot about techniques in animation and the process to carry out a film of this magnitude. You will see, how a character goes through different hands in order to get to its final version.

You go through the path of lighting, characters, dialogues, scenes, etc.


It is not only made for animation filmmakers, although you have to be very interested in art, design or any career related to the creativity of creating drawings or art. Since there are many technical concepts, you may not be able to be interested in all.


For further information about the course, you can click the link below.

The best part is that is available in English or Spanish.

Now it’s your turn, please leave your comments below, have you take any lessons? did you like the course? would you recommend it?

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