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The benefits of professional exchanges

Professional exchanges have existed for centuries, although it is true that previously it was used much more than now. Now we have money to exchange it for whatever we want, it gets a value each service that we want to have and we decide whether we spend on that or not.

But what happens in the film industry or anywhere else where you do not have the money?, you stop working on that project?. No, you do not stop working. Imagination and contacts it’s what you need to carry on with the project. Many people would say those projects are based on favors.

Professional exchanges

But what is a professional exchange?, this is a trade that is made between two or more people or businesses to accomplish something, it does not have to be the same project, you might help your colleague to make his/her page website, because that’s what you do and he/she will help you with the marketing for your business because he is a professional in this area. Another person is a fantastic photographer but he/she does not have much experience or he/she is starting his/her business, surely this photographer will be interested in making some free photo session for you to get awareness.

Professional exchanges are very common in the film industry, but it also happens to many entrepreneurs in the world who have finally decided to launch their project/idea and  they are just in the beginning. They might not have enough customers and not enough money to do everything they want, this is where people start to use other resources to carry out the project.

We can choose to ask for favors but we do not know if we will be able to pay them in the future, or we can opt for professional exchanges, which can be a wonderful tool to get us out of these troubles we have and apart it will help us to be known in the community.

Asking for favors and making them it’s something great because you help people, but in the professional sense to help others with the best we know we can do it leaves a very good taste and on the other hand someone else helped you with your needs.

The benefits of this practice are very easy:

  • You help others
  • You create awareness around yourself
  • You will make new friends
  • People will recommend you
  • You will have more clients
  • and so on…

Thi is why, today we want to present you our films distribution consulting service because it may be that yourself, your friend, your cousin or your neighbor is filming a movie and they do not know anything about films distribution and how they can get their movie to its final destination. We are here to help and to make ourselves known to the world. So do not hesitate to contact RosssCammm Films Distribution Consultancy, you just need to drop us an email and the first consulting session is for free (limited offer).


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