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The best film festivals to finish the year

Whether you are a filmmaker or a film lover and you are looking for different offers, you will love this list I did for you where you can see the best film festivals to finish the year.

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This film festival offers you a space in the film world where a mass audience has the possibility to access Spanish movies with high quality,  non-conventional also known as independent films.

Márgenes celebrates its 7th edition in Madrid and it offers online films too so the audience can enjoy the Spanish independent movies from their own homes.

Place: Madrid, Spain.

Official website:


Festival Novocine

22nd – 29th NOVEMBER
Filmshow that brings to Spain its 11th edition with the latest and more awarded films from Brasil. This edition brings the most human face in the film industry for free. So they have brought 7 titles from thriller, drama, and comedy to biopics.

Place: Madrid, Spain.

Official website:

Italian Film Festival

Festival de cine italiano

23rd – 30th NOVEMBER
In its 10th edition, this festival is an important date between film and Italy lovers in Madrid and Spain. A huge film offer for free and a place to join Spanish and Italian coproductions.

Place: Madrid, Spain.

Official website:


Festival Andalesgay

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Trans International Film Festival from Andalucía. In its 13th edition, it brings and celebrates sexual diversity in films. Films, and documentaries.

Place: Andalucía, Spain.

Official web:

The Orchid Film Festival – CUENCA

Festival de Cine La Orquídea

In its 6th edition, this festival is a window of appreciation, diffusion, and promotion of most outstanding films from Ecuador and Iberoamerica. The festival stands as a platform for educational purposes and activities related to films.

Place: Cuenca, Spain.

Official web:

TFF – Torino Film Festival

Torino film festival

22nd – 29th NOVEMBER
Celebrated in Turín, this film festival is looking to build a strong link with its audience. In the constant increase of complexity, it has mixed art and gender films, experimentation, and rediscovery of forgotten classic films.

Place: Turín, Italy.

Official website:

FICC – International Film Festival from Cartagena

Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena

The oldest festival from Murcia and one of the oldest from Spain, it offers during a week the opportunity to watch some of the most outstanding titles from national and international fame. It also has a short film contest.

Place: Cartagena, Spain.

Official website:

Human Rights Film Festival from Barcelona

Festival de Cine y Derechos Humanos

This film festival stays true to a double commitment: enhance respect for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and collective search for sustainable humanity through films.

Place: Barcelona, Spain.

Official website:

REC – Internacional Film Festival from Tarragona

 Festival Internacional de Cinema de Tarragona

4th – 10th DECEMBER

In its 17th edition, the festival presents many film projects divided into different categories as a debut, My First Time, Women on Fire, etc. You can see that filmmaker of the future through present creations following the objective of promoting new talents and approach this work to its audience.

Place: Tarragona, Spain.

Official website:

Film and Human Rights Festival


3rd – 10th DECEMBER
In its 2nd edition, this film festival is a cultural, educational, and a place where you can participate. Represents a space to reflect and dialogue about Human Rights.

Place: Madrid, España.

Official website:

Mendi – Film Festival Bilbao

Festival Mendi

8th – 17th DECEMBER
This festival is looking to promote adventure and films related to nature and mountains, sport and environment.

Place: Bilbao, Spain.

Official website:

International Festival of New Latin American Film


8th – 17th DECEMBER
This festival has as its objective spread film works that enrich and reaffirm Southamerican and Caribbean cultural identity.

Place: Habana, Cuba.

Official website:

Mcib – Italian Film Show from Barcelona

Muestra de Cinema Italiano de BARCELONA

15th – 19th DECEMBER
This festival celebrates its 7th edition with 8 Italian films present in Berlin, Cannes, Locarno, Venice, Toronto y London festivals.

Place: Barcelona, Spain.

Facebook profile: Mostra de Cinema Italià de Barcelona

Why should you go to any film festival?

In these events, you can find different creative films. Film festivals are a space to breathe filmmaking, from watching films to meeting filmmakers, attend workshops, concerts, and other things to emphasize. you can also take advantage of the many free events they have.

If you are interested in knowing which activities they have you can get information on the links above or their social media.

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