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The End of the Film Industry As We Know It

Opinion piece by our CEO, Rosa Camero.

Since covid-19 started I have read hundreds of media articles trying to figure out the future of the film industry and film festivals. Most of the articles complain about the situation and how everything is lost as major film festivals around the world are canceled. Some of them have decided to go online and others have canceled completely.

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What I haven’t read anywhere is how the way in which the film industry is changing is a transformation that has actually been postponed for years and is way overdue.

The film industry has worked in pretty much the same way for the last decades, and every time a change comes it’s a huge scandal – such as going from 35mm to DCP, or when Netflix started growing and taking a piece of the cake with a completely different business model. This industry is full of dinosaurs who deny embracing technology and change, preferring to live in a golden era that just doesn’t exist anymore. 

This COVID-19 is an opportunity to reinvent yourself, to change what is not working, and implement new ways of doing business. Exploring the internet has never been so easy and there are so many tools to help you to make the journey easier.

We at Rossscammm were completely immersed in in-person events when all this started. We were hit by the fallout of COVID-19 hard. We canceled our events and our clients canceled their events. This had a huge impact on our business, but we acted fast and brought all our knowledge to the online world.

Before, we barely did things online with our community. But this has been an opportunity to explore and run different webinars, challenges, and try out new ways of communication – like icebreaker where we can do 1 on 1 networking. We have grown our community by 50%, we created our first paid online course that ended up attracting 10 people keen to learn more about the online world.

This goes for you as well, you can try, explore, and tweak your online presence. Today – more than ever – you need to be showing your talents, building an audience, and getting yourself known on the internet.

Because even though the industry is paralyzed right now it will come to life again. We don’t know for how long this “new reality” will last but one thing is certain: the internet is not disappearing. By utilizing this amazing resource and investing in your own online brand and presence you will be ahead of the changes that are coming.

The film industry won’t be the same after this worldwide crisis, and this is just a reminder about how life changes all the time without waiting for anyone. I guess, this is the time where you have to decide whether to reinvent yourself and join the online world with your presence or stay behind in the hope of everything going back to what it was before.

Would you like to reinvent yourself?

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