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The Ideal Marketing Plan to Promote Your Film

A marketing plan can be tedious if you don’t have any idea about film marketing or how to promote your film but this plan is necessary when you want your film to stand out from the almost 900 films released each year and this is only in the US or UK. Each country has its own market. In Spain, for example, releases can be between 14 and 25 per week.

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This is why Rossscammm talks so much about film marketing because this is the only way to get the attention of your target and this is the reason we are sharing amazing information from a masterclass we had with the film marketing expert Barbara Iturbe, Marketing Manager of Paramount Pictures Mexico.

Barbara shared with us great insights about how to promote your film and when you can start your marketing. We share some of the highlights of the masterclass.

  1. The best moment to start promoting your film is the pre-production stage. You can even start promoting your film from the script. You need to have a strategy for each stage pre-producction, production, post-production, and distribution.  
  2. Today, there are so many films that are competing for the same goal, the attention of their audience, and the one who wins is the one who has the best marketing strategy. 
  3. The main goal of your marketing is to sell your film, you can’t forget your film is a product and your audience needs to pay for it. 
  4. Have in mind your target and what they want that way you can accomplish their desires and make them remember your film. Even a bad critic can be used to your advantage, you can see a great example in the masterclass. 
  5. The target must be present in the script, characters, and communication so the target can identify with the film in its early stages.
  6. Essential materials are poster, trailer, stills, and slide deck. all materials need to have the same look and feel so your target can start placing it in their memory. What would you like to communicate with your film? 
  7. An ideal marketing plan is the one you are clear about where you are going to release your film so you can prioritize actions and save money in your budget. 
  8. What channels are you going to use? Your own channels social media, website, newsletter, or third-party marketing channels such as TV, outdoor, press, junkets, partners, etc. 

Barbara shared so much that this is only a little taste of what you can learn from her masterclass. You can enjoy the full masterclass inside our online course Film Marketing for Filmmakers.  

What will you get from this course?

You will get a boost for your film, you will see the infinite of opportunities for your movie to shine.

Having a marketing plan in place means an awesome marketing campaign.

  • More followers and this means a bigger audience interested in watching your film.
  • Engagement on social media
  • Articles, mentions in press, and interviews. 
  • More and more noise around your film so your target knows about your film

Now, imagine yourself sitting in a chair and the most important media is interviewing you. 

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