The Lord of the Rings

Spain Re-release 

January 26, 2018

Spanish title: El Señor de los Anillo 

Year of production: 1978

Nacionality: EE.UU

Director: Ralph Bakshi

Script: Chris Conkling, Peter S. Beagle. Basados en las novelas escritas por J.R.R. Tolkien

Cinematography: Timothy Galfas

Original music: Leonard Rosenman

Genre: Animación, Aventura, Fantasía

Duration: 132 Minutos



The story centers on Frodo’s character, a hobbit who unwittingly is the bearer of a ring that Sauron, the dark lord,  intends to conquer the entire Middle-earth. The only place where Frodo and his friends can destroy the ring is in Mount Doom that it is located in Mordor where the enemy is set and it is his territory, so Frodo will have to get there and destroy the ring. The Hobbit will not be alone, he will have the help of the Fellowship of the Ring formed by eight more companions who will protect him until the end.

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