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What does a press kit include

A press kit is a series of files that help the press get to know a project more deeply. In this case, we focus on your movie, so the press can write articles and reviews about it. The term “press kit” is used in the United States and Latin America (America), whereas in Spain and the United Kingdom (Europe) the term “press book” is the one used. Both terms mean exactly the same thing.

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Last July we started a new concept called Rossscammm Film Livestreams where we invited professionals from the film industry to talk about their expertise with our community. The aim of these online meetings is to help younger generations to understand how the film industry works, and have access to more experienced people in the field. 

One of these livestreams was about Public Relations and publicity for films in International Film Festivals. This was given by Noise Film PR, a PR agency based in Europe and – thanks to Mirjam Wiekenkamp – you have access to a great list where she mentions everything you need to include in your press kit or press book for your film.

She gave a really interesting talk and let us know more about the process of promoting a film in front of the press at film festivals such as Berlinale, Cannes, Venice, etc. 

Press kit checklist

  1. Texts
  2. Stills
  3. Press notes
  4. EPK
  5. Printing materials
  6. Online presence

If you want to know more details about the material you need from the categories mentioned above, you can download the checklist in the button below. 

This checklist will help you to get all the material needed to promote your film the best way. Remember – producing a film is only half of the journey, it’s still missing the rest of the way. Film festivals are a great window for your film and if you have the right strategy your film can travel far away. 

When you enlist a public relations campaign make sure you have a presence on the internet, so people and the press can find your film easily. If you are not on the internet these days, you don’t exist.

We can help you with social media and your presence on the internet. You just need to take the right steps to make your film great and people will talk about it for years to come. 

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