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what is a dossier or a pitch deck?

Dossier or pitch deck, something that I’m sure you have heard over and over again when you want to show or present a project to people in the industry, and most of the time you don’t have an idea how to do it or to send it.

I can say that this concept is in my vocabulary daily, especially, when somebody wants to present a project. The dossier or pitch deck, other than the teaser or trailer, is something necessary that I need in order to have an idea of what the project is about. This document is usually used when the filmmaker is approaching investors, producers, or distribution companies.

But, what is it? Rossscammm Films & Marketing will give you this and other definitions that will make your way through film distribution easier.

Dossier or pitch deck, according to Wikipedia  “Is a collection of papers or other sources, containing detailed information about a particular person or subject.” Indeed, a dossier or a pitch deck is a document where you show your project, film, short film, etc. more in-depth. In a more professional way. Here you explain what the project is about and what you are looking for specifically from the people you are contacting.

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Note that it is not the same to send a dossier that is in production or to send a dossier or pitch deck when the film is finished, also if you are looking for investors or distribution you should use different versions. Sometimes we want to save time and we send the same document to all our contacts, no matter what they do for a living and this can cost us a partnership.

But hey! It is valid is to have a general dossier or pitch deck for the project. For example, I have a presentation for Rossscammm and it’s the one I send to introduce myself and explain further what we do.

You can see our presentation in the following link:

Presentation RosssCammm Films Distribution Consultancy

Note: this presentation is old and we don’t use it anymore but the tool is really good and you can do yours.

Would you like to know how to create a dossier?

Go to our next post entry where we tell you, step by step how to make a dossier/pitch deck, so you can have a clearer idea of what to present when people mention this word.

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