What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the tools you should use when you have a project coming up because to produce a film takes a lot of work and energy, we are sure you don’t want to see your film kept in the dark.

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The first step before, during and after production is to communicate and get your film known, you need to conquer the heart of your audience and make them want to know more about your film.

Digital marketing

We are part of a technological era where the internet is the king and the king gives you a lot of options to take advantage for promoting your film and your work, you can find lots of options for marketing and promoting your project.

Digital marketing is all those tools for promoting a film, brand or project on the internet. All that you see on the internet about brands and big companies trying to sell their products or trying to be in your head, all of these strategies come from digital marketing.

But first, you need to know what is out there and the terms used for promoting any brand on the internet.

Digital marketing starts with the following:

  • Web design. This is your website, how your website looks and all the content it has, you show your work here, your logo and the colors you have chosen.
    • How can we help you? We can design your website from zero, all your needs, your philosophy, objectives will be reflected in it, we will optimize the web where we are going to work the indexation and usability. Besides we can maintain your website for the time needed that way you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Social Media. These are your social media profiles, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn and so on are part of a digital marketing strategy so it doesn’t matter if you use them or not, these are taken part of your marketing.
    • How can we help you? We will create and design your social media profiles, we will elaborate a calendar for publications and advertising to fill in the needs of the project. Besides we will give you a personalized week calendar and a guide for this.
  • Blog. This page in your website is where all the action and content take action, this is where Google and other search engines can find you because this is where your content is created.
    • How can we help you?  We will design your blog according to the style and personality of your project. Also,  we will elaborate on a weekly calendar and a guide to follow up on your posts, we will give you a proposal according to your objectives where we mention segmentation by categories and tags.
  • SEO. Search Engine Optimization, this is how your brand/website/yourself is positioned in any search engine when I refer to a search engine I mean Google, have you look yourself and see how many pages you can find information about yourself?
  • SEM. Search Engine Marketing is the actions done to get a better result in Google or any other search engine. Marketing strategies such as choosing the keywords.
    • How can we help you? We will help you to find your keywords to have a better indexation for your blog, web, film in Google. We can optimize this results faster with paid ads in SEM.
  • Graphic design. All the content shared on social media, your website and blog need to look great, this is why you need to design images, you can do it yourself in or another graphic design platform.
    • How can we help you? We will design post and creativities for your film or project in social media and paid ads around the internet. Besides, we will give you different options where you can have a presence where your audience is.
  • Email marketing. It is important when you start your website or blog you start as well a database with your potential clients’ emails, this is where all the magic happens, you send some beautiful emails to your contacts to close some deals.
    •  How can we help you? We will create a community where they can know all about your project/brand, you will be able to share good content that way they will want to learn more from you and your project/product.

Hope these intro to digital marketing help you to start your own digital marketing campaign.

RosssCammm Films & Marketing combines marketing offline and digital marketing in order to create strategies in 360 degrees. Where we will make sure your film has the best results and follow the goals you have chosen.

If you take advantage of our digital marketing service you will be able to show your work to the world, this can happen through strategies and actions that we can develop through all internet channels

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