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Why Public Relations is important when it comes to your Movie?

When we thought about business or in this case a movie, most of the time we don’t take into account public relations as well as Publicity in the movie industry, we think that if we have a good product is enough. But this is not true at all, in a world where everything is connected and competitors with good products, in this case, movies are everywhere.

¿Why Public Relations is important when it comes to your movie? 

Public relations which are known as publicity, for a low or medium budget film or independent film, is the easiest way to get recognition for the audience that you want to reach. What media outlets do is share information about your movie that you previous share with them. That’s why many experienced filmmakers prefer to involve media since the beginning, this is the production stage, this is how the audience find out what this director, producer or actor/Actrice is doing right now.

Throughout interviews, videos, quotes, production notes, etc. you start making noise through media, especially with specialized media. In order to happen, you must have a strategy, all the content you share will not work with all kinds of media. For example: If you have a horror movie, you must first approach the specialized media in horror, perhaps you decide to release the film on October 31st. ‘Halloween’ where the media will be more open to publishing this kind of movie, you can also suggest to a magazine or a newspaper to print a horror special where they can talk about your movie and they can use images from the footage.

Later, I will talk furthermore about the PR/publicity process, strategy and the timing we need. Just to make sure you have an idea of how this works. 
Public relations or publicity would be the strongest tool for independent filmmakers because you do not have enough money and the money you have is to spend wisely, what you need is to reach a larger amount of people, without making a hefty investment.

So, do not hesitate to hire experts in public relations to promote your film, the more press/media talk about your movie, the more opportunities you have to go further. On this planet where information is found first-hand, we can take your movie to the next level and furthermore as you think you would. Don’t hesitate in contacting us and ask whatever comes to your mind, we can help you with this matter.

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