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Why should you use digital marketing to promote your film?

Digital marketing has become a hot topic in recent years, for marketers, it’s just not enough to know traditional advertising and marketing.  Now it’s mandatory also to know digital marketing and social media. It’s not just to sell outside but also it has to be done inside.

Digital marketing

What is digital marketing? According to, “digital marketing is the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media”. Everything that has to do with the digital world, from search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing to social media of all kinds. Your brand, product or film is on the web and your task is to keep it on the right track.

For filmmakers, it is difficult to compare their films with products or brands, but in the end, they become one of them, since the mission of the movie is to reach a final audience. Ah! and it is impossible to say that your film is going for all kind of people because it is not true.

Digital marketing rather than the enemy becomes an ally for independent filmmakers, here 3 reasons why:

  • Because it doesn’t cost lots of money
  • Because every day you are surfing the internet and
  • Because you can reach your target audience in a few clicks on your computer.

Digital marketing is to have a database of fans, customers, social media, search engines, etc. Where your film must be too, but Isn’t it better to be in control of your own content?. Clicks can come your way, on your website, in your trailer, or the newsletter, your mailing list can grow every day with all your efforts.

If you do digital marketing from the start of your film, you’re creating not only content but a database of people interested in your project, which later this is the people who will go to the movies or the platform where your film is at, they will very likely pay for it and will recommend your film, this is where you will see an income and you will see all the hard work you have done.

Kobi Shely

I had the opportunity to meet Kobi Shely, at San Sebastian Films Festival in 2016, a recognized digital marketer that helps independent filmmakers to promote their films. He gives lectures and workshops in different festivals around Europe. At the panel where he was present and the workshop he taught, he insisted on the importance of the database and how important was to build a community of loyal fans, if we do this in the right way this will bring you sales conversion later.

Also, Kobi’s blog is a great tool to start practicing digital marketing since his posts are very accurate and all the topics are related to the digital world, some of the entries you can find are: How to grow your “mailing list “, 60 free online tools to promote and distribute your film.

My favorite entry and the one I hope all of you try is:

How To Successfully Distribute Your Film With These Exact 5 Steps

There’s not an excuse to start using these tools, thanks to the internet, today we have access to a lot of information and we can obtain any kind of help needed, anytime.

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