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Women in the film industry

Women in the film industry as we know and what we have heard repeatedly in different media outlets is not the strong gender in this industry. This has given me a lot to think about in this beginning of the year.

Welcome to the first post of this 2017. After holidays, parties and the roscón de reyes (a tradition celebrated on January 6th, the 3 kings day), it is time for us to start working on our projects, for my part, I promise a lot of content, more online courses, and movie releases.

In order to talk more about today’s topic, we will focus on the study by UN Women and the Rockefeller Foundation on gender images in global films where they show us alarming figures of the role that women play in the movie industry.

Although women, I don’t want to exaggerate, we are half or more of the population in the world, but when it comes to hiring women in the film industry, they do not personify influential positions, as well as business executives, political figures or employees in science positions, technology, engineering and /or mathematics, these, are only 15% of the total.

This number that I mentioned is just one, there are many others that are also red numbers, but we are not here to cry bitterly for these numbers, we are here to cheer and what I would like to achieve with this post is to realize how valuable we are as women and this is the time to unite us, to make us listen ourselves.

In the years that I have worked in the film industry, I do not remember ever having to work day by day with men, in the distribution company where I used to work we were mostly women and in the industry I have always seen more women than men, it is true that in high positions I always saw men. How is it possible? It is us, who have taken the job ahead on many occasions and sometimes we find it very difficult to earn a raise or to be hired in a higher position.

Women this is the time to change our thoughts, it is time to support and connect in the most profound way with ourselves and with each other, dare to think, move forward and speak up.

There is always a project that needs a hand, needs to see the light or need help in production or sales, distribution, imagine you find that journalist dedicated to movies that can spread the word about our work, if you are lost there’s someone that can help you always. Be able to find support and answers in one place. This could happen if we are united, if we support each other and more. Because united we will do more.

I just opened a facebook group in Spanish for all the women who work in the film industry, so if you speak Spanish, please don’t hesitate in joining us. Click in the image below and you will be direct it.

And if you don’t speak Spanish but you want to be part of this community, leave a comment below in order to consider opening a group for English speaking ladies.

Leave your comments, I would love to hear from you.


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