You will know what to do with me

Release date in Spain October 2016

Year: 20sabras_que_hacer_conmigo-759976029-large15

Length: 83 min.

Country: México

Production companies: Panorama Global, Detalle Films, Bh5 (película realizada con el apoyo de EFICINE)

Cast: Ilse Salas, Pablo Derqui y Rosa María Bianchi.

Director: Katina Medina Mora

Production design: Xenia Besora

Costume design: Abril Alamo

Image design: Pedro Guijarro Hidalgo

Make up: Yael Maquieira

Direct sound: Raúl Locatelli

Sound design: Javier Umpierrez

Original music: Andrés Sanchez

Editor: Aina Calleja

Photography director: Erwin Jaquez

Executive producer: Rodrigo Bello

Co-producer: Katina Medina Mora

Associate producer: Renato Ornelas

Producers: Gerardo Gatica, Alberto Muffelmann, Moises Cosío, Rodrigo Trujillo, Jacobo Nazar

Original idea: Katina Medina Mora

Script: Emma Bertran y Samara Ibrahim



Isabel (Ilse Salas) has a depressed mother who tries to save. Nicholas (Pablo Derqui) lives day by day as light as he can despite adversity. Life will bring them together in the less expected circumstances to fall in love in the most intense way. How to overcome this love in the midst of the difficulties that each of them faces? Their love transcends disease and depression this will help them find hope that unites them in a common and pure way.

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